International Woman’s Day

8th of March. International woman’s day. TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organization -The Angkor Tree Project and Preah Enkosa Secondary School (Siem Reap, Cambodia) have worked together and started, next to the already existing teams for boys, 4 basketball teams for girls! The teams are coached in English, so we combine sports and language education! But most important: girls have equal access to sports at school. A three-pointer for the girls!

Equal rights don’t stop at the school gate. In our curriculum, in our books, in the flashcards and other school materials we use, we actively promote equal rights for all. In Cambodia, boys and girls have equal access to school and education. Thanks to the efforts of many international organisations and local NGO’s this has been achieved! IN all schools, primary and secondary, there is a fair balance between boys and girls.
But there is work to do regarding role patterns, gender-related expectations and equal access to better-paid jobs. When you walk around towns or villages after 5 pm, you can see men and boys playing volleyball and socialising everywhere. Girls and women stay at home, take care of the little ones and manage the household.

Setting up basketball teams for girls may be a tiny step, but it’s a giant leap for many girls!

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