Instructional Leadership

Workshop for Headmasters,  Teacher Coaches and/or NGO leaders

To be successful as a school or language course, you need more than good teachers or a good curriculum. It is an entire framework that ties together.

This course, designed for instructional leaders, seeks to answer questions to the following questions:

1) why instructional leadership counts,

2) why and how professional practices should be evaluated, and

3) what are the sources of the evaluation of professional practices.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have

1) identified what is expected of a headteacher,

2) reflected on (a case study of) the practices of a few instructional leaders/headteachers, and

3) discussed (and so have learned peers) the pitfalls/bottlenecks of their instructional leadership in their respective school settings.

To ensure that the course outcomes can highly be expected, inductive, cooperative, and task-based or problem-based approaches will be used. In other words, participants will be assigned to work on a good number of tasks so that they can have something to share with others.

Dates: 9, 16, 23, 30 July and 6 August 2022 from 14.00 till 17.00

at the TDSO Campus in Siem Reap (behing Enkoasei)

Registration: click here

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