EPST Kick-off Meeting

On 29th March 2023, TDSO held a meaningful kick-off meeting on the implementation of the English for Primary School Teachers (EPST) training program. It was our great honor to have the participation of the Deputy Director of the Primary Education Department, the Director of the Department of Information Technology from MoEYs, representatives from PoE and DoE, 31 principals from the target primary schools, and our partner NGOs, such KAPE, AEA, and Oxfam.

EPST program aims to train 48 teachers from 31 primary public schools in the Tonle Sap zone of Siem Reap province. Upon completing this 40-week program, all trainees are expected to have developed their language proficiency and pedagogical methods/approaches, basically underlying distance learning, flipped classroom environment, and other ICT protocols.

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