Progress Report of English for Partner Organizations (EPO) Program

On May 19th, we evaluated our “English for Partner Organizations” (EPO) program. EPO is a program in which we send our teachers, with our curriculum, to teach students of the partner organizations. We apply the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach. Twenty-five alumni from SPOONS Cambodia Organization and 40 students from École du Bayon and Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop joined the program.
All key stakeholders, namely the curriculum designer, the school principals, the TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organization team of internal quality assurance (IQA ), the classroom teachers, and the student representatives, were invited to this meeting. The discussion was mainly about whether the course learning outcomes, instructional practices, and assessment tools were aligned.
The evaluation showed that the students progressed significantly in fluency and communicative skills. The communicative language teaching approach works well for all students, even for absolute English beginners. The discussion also gave us insight into how to improve the program further.
This remarkable success is the direct result of the strong cooperation of all key stakeholders.
Congratulations to all for all the good work!
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