Graduation Ceremony of EFT, EPPS, ITTSR Programs

Warmest congratulations on the achievement of 105 graduates of various six-month programs, such as English for Teachers (EFT), Interactive Teacher Training (ITTSR), and English for Public Primary Schools (EPPS)! This is just the end of one chapter; much more must be done subsequently. For example, you may have to continue working closely with our coaches or mentors to implement the already-learned principles and report their applicability. Please try to make the most use of our coaching and mentoring system or workforce.
We would also like to congratulate 20 students from the first cohort of our DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) project and warmly welcome 20 more students to the second cohort. DEAR is a one-year project designed to promote a reading culture through which students can develop fast reading skills, presentation skills, self-confidence, communication, and teamwork spirit.
All the best in your next endeavors!
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