Exciting Study Trip at Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium!

On Fri, July 14, 2023, we had an incredible time with 40 students at Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium! Those students are from Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop and École du Bayon and have attended the English for Partner Organization (EPO) program since early 2023.

Our study tour was a fantastic opportunity for these students to boost their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-belief. They tried new things and discovered the beauty of diversity.

Divided into groups, our students embarked on a captivating journey of observation and learning at the aquarium. They documented their exciting discoveries and experiences to share with everyone!

This study trip expanded their perspectives and enhanced their knowledge and English proficiency in real-world circumstances.

We’re thrilled to see our students forming new connections with their team members and growing into well-rounded individuals.

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