Reflection Workshop for English for Public School Teachers (EPST)

A Reflection Workshop for English for Public School Teachers (EPST) was held on August 8, 2023, at the meeting hall of Wat Bo Primary School. The workshop was attended by 60 participants, including the Deputy Director of the Primary Education Department of MoEYS, the Siem Reap Provincial Department of Education Youth and Sport, 12 District Youth and Sports Offices, principals from 31 target schools, representatives of the EPST trainees, and our partner organizations: Aide et Action Southeast Asia and Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE).

The workshop aimed to achieve several important goals:

  • Dissemination of Project Progress: The workshop provided a platform to showcase the progress made in implementing the EPST project. This was a valuable opportunity for participants to be informed about the developments and innovations that have taken place since the project’s inception.
  • Quality Assurance and Challenges: One of the primary objectives of the workshop was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the quality assurance framework of the EPST project. By assessing the strengths and challenges of implementing a multidisciplinary English teaching and learning training program for primary school teachers, participants were better equipped to identify areas that require improvement and refinement. This insight can contribute to enhancing the overall quality of the program.
  • Stakeholder Cooperation and Support: Collaborative efforts are essential for the success and sustainability of any educational initiative—the workshop aimed to foster stronger cooperation among all stakeholders. The commitment to seeking support from the Ministry’s specialized departments indicates the desire to create a supportive environment that can contribute to the program’s effectiveness and long-term viability.
  • Commitment to Success: The workshop concluded with a unanimous commitment from all participants to work collectively towards the success of the EPST project. This commitment is a testament to the shared vision and dedication to improving English teaching and learning in public schools. By joining forces, stakeholders can pool their resources and expertise to address challenges and seize opportunities.
  • Experience Sharing and Strategy Development: The participants were encouraged to share their experiences and insights related to the EPST project. This knowledge exchange allows a deeper understanding of what has been working well and what areas need improvement. Additionally, discussions about challenges and opportunities pave the way for more effective strategies in the future. This collaborative problem-solving approach can lead to better outcomes for the current EPST project and its upcoming iteration, EPST2.

The Reflection Workshop was a pivotal platform for information exchange, collaboration, and strategizing. Bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise contributed to the ongoing enhancement of the EPST project and its potential to positively impact English education in public schools.

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