TDSO & École du Bayon Roundup Meeting

Congratulations to all the École du Bayon students who have completed the Communicative English Language Course at TDSO!
On August 16, 2023, TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organization conducted a roundup meeting with École du Bayon to report on the success of the students who have completed the 6-month course in English for Partners Organization (EPO) program. The meeting was attended by the TDSO management team, Agroecology management, EPO teachers, and the students who participated in the course.
This course helped students improve their communicative English skills in a way relevant to the agricultural field. We can see from the images that the students are happy to have completed the course and are also proud of their accomplishments.
The representatives from École du Bayon were impressed with the students’ progress. The students were now better equipped with another level to communicate with their colleagues and were more confident in their ability to use the English language.
We are delighted with the students’ hard work and dedication. We wish them to succeed in their studies and their future endeavors.
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