EPST Trainee Shares Teaching Techniques and Strategies with Cluster Schools

TDSO was invited to join the monthly cluster schools meeting on August 31, 2023, at Trakeat Primary School.
We are grateful that one of the TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organization’s trainees, currently trained in the English for Public School Teachers (EPST) Program, was chosen to conduct the English mock teaching to share some teaching techniques and strategies with its members. It was the first time such an activity was conducted during the meeting.
To take part in this valuable time, the TDSO team from the EPST program has shared some technical points regarding the teaching methodology, which include:
– Setting up clear expectations for teaching and lesson-learning outcomes
– Textbook content selection and use
– Teaching material development tips
– The use of flashcards and word cards
– Classroom language
TDSO still believes trained teachers can play a vital role in helping to close the achievement gap. They can provide extra support to students who are struggling, and they can help to ensure that all students have access to a quality education.
“Every child has the right to a trained teacher.”
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