Course Orientation for Cohort 2 of the English for Primary School Teachers (EPST) Program

On September 28–29, 2023, 64 trainees from 49 primary schools in the Pouk and Bakong districts participated in the course orientation for Cohort 2 of the English for Primary School Teachers (EPST) program.
During this orientation session, the trainees were presented with a comprehensive overview of the program’s teaching approach, founded on the principles of flipped classrooms, distance learning, and Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). This session equipped them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the program’s resources and technologies in their English language instruction.
All trainees were provided with computers and other essential support to facilitate the implementation of the program’s innovative teaching methodology. We strongly encourage all trainees to responsibly maintain and maximize the utility of this equipment.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous investors and other stakeholders for their invaluable support. We wholeheartedly wish all our EPST2 trainees a journey filled with success and fulfillment in their teaching endeavors!
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