TDSO Takes Bold Step to Empower Female Leaders in Education with Gender Mainstreaming Program

TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organisation is thrilled to announce the launch of the pilot project of our Gender Mainstreaming Program. This program is exclusively for female educational leaders and teachers from public schools who demonstrate exceptional potential. We recognize the need for more female leaders in the public sector, and we’re proud to be taking a bold step toward making that a reality.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers various critical aspects of educational leadership, including instructional leadership, financial management, ICT literacy, human resources, conflict resolution, and working with parents and authorities. We kicked off the 12-week project on November 3rd, 2023, and we are excited to have 16 trainees from different public primary schools in Siem Reap province.

These trainees will have the opportunity to learn from distinguished education experts, network with like-minded peers, and acquire practical skills and strategies to implement transformative changes in their schools.

Join us by sharing our mission to promote gender equality in education!

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