Empowering Teachers and Enhancing English Education: Mid-Course Evaluation for EPST Program Cohort 2

It’s not solely about the training of teachers; rather, it’s about cultivating an ecosystem where teachers can thrive, develop, and receive ample support.

In alignment with this vision, TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organisation, in partnership with Aide et Action Southeast Asia, recently conducted a mid-course evaluation for the English for Public Primary School Teachers Program (Cohort 2). Held at Kravan Primary School on March 12, 2024, the workshop garnered a remarkable turnout of 73 participants. Among them are the Deputy Chiefs of Prasat Bakong and Pouk Districts, District Youth and Sports Office representatives, principals from 49 targeted schools, EPST trainee representatives, and our partner, Kampuchea Action to Promote Education KAPE.

The workshop achieved remarkable success by addressing pivotal topics, including the assessment of achievements and challenges, with a strong emphasis on the necessity of collaborative efforts among stakeholders. Additionally, it introduced an innovative framework tailored for grades 4-6 and outlined Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities specifically tailored for TDSO alumni engaged in EPST programs.

Local authorities voiced their unequivocal support for the expansion of the project, highlighting the imperative of reaching more community schools and teachers.

The Reflection Workshop provided a dynamic platform for the exchange of information, collaboration, and strategic planning, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise to enhance the potential impact of the EPST project on English education in public schools.

TDSO is honored to play a pivotal role in this initiative and eagerly awaits its continued success.

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