Empowering Educators: Exploring Innovative Strategies for Interactive Listening Instruction

Our 10th Alumni Meetup was an exceptional success, drawing 42 enthusiastic participants into the realm of “Interactive Teaching of Listening Comprehension”. It was a truly remarkable event where educators came together to refine their skills and broaden their teaching repertoire.

Guided by enthusiastic alumni Pha Chheng and Sokhit, the session was a lively exchange of insights and strategies aimed at revolutionizing our approach to teaching listening skills. Attendees were treated to a diverse array of methodologies, ranging from top-down approaches to immersive teaching demonstrations, all crafted to captivate and empower learners.

But the learning didn’t end there! Participants were introduced to a myriad of online resources and platforms, unlocking a world of possibilities for further practice and refinement of their listening abilities.

This meetup marked the beginning of a journey toward continuous growth and development. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program promises a series of enriching sessions, each tailored to equip educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their profession.

Stay tuned for more transformative experiences and join us in shaping the future of education, one innovative approach at a time!

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