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DEAR: “Drop Everything And Read”

Students in Cambodia hardly read. For most, the textbooks used at school are the only books they will ever pick up. Findings from PISA for Development show that no more than 28.1% of the total population of 15-year-olds are enrolled in secondary education (The remaining Cambodian youth have dropped out of school) And in this group,  only 8% achieves a minimum proficiency level (level 2) or higher in reading. Only this tiny percentage of students (2.2 % of the 15-year old population!) meet the goal of SDG 4. Reading is critical because it makes people more empathetic, knowledgeable and stimulates

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No-one is left behind!

While hearing impairments are often identified in babies, they may not develop or make themselves known for several years. This means that it’s essential to keep an eye out for the signs of hearing impairment in the classroom, particularly in young children. At some point in their career, every teacher could find that they are teaching a child with an undiagnosed hearing impairment.  Here are some of the common signs of hearing impairments that you can look for in young children: Not responding when their name is called  Problems with concentration, excessive tiredness and frustration with work Watching your lips

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Partnership agreement Educaid-TDSO

On 31/03/2022 Educaid and TDSO signed a partnership agreement for the period 2022-2026. The agreement covers logsital synergies, operational synergies and active exchange of information. Educaid is the Belgian platform for education and training within development cooperation

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ITTSR (interactive Teacher Training), for NGO teachers

If you are an early career English Teacher and want to improve your teaching skills significantly you are welcome to this program. It will start on the 30th of April and will continue till the end of September 2022, every Saturday morning or afternoon. The workshops will be held at the TDSO (The Angkor Tree Project) campus in Siem Reap. The first group will have their workshops on Saturday morning, the second group will have theirs on Saturday afternoon.A third group (on Sunday morning) will mainly work online, and is intended for those who cannot easily attend the workshops, for

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International Woman’s Day

8th of March. International woman’s day. TDSO – Teacher Development Support Organization -The Angkor Tree Project and Preah Enkosa Secondary School (Siem Reap, Cambodia) have worked together and started, next to the already existing teams for boys, 4 basketball teams for girls! The teams are coached in English, so we combine sports and language education! But most important: girls have equal access to sports at school. A three-pointer for the girls! Equal rights don’t stop at the school gate. In our curriculum, in our books, in the flashcards and other school materials we use, we actively promote equal rights for

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MoU Enkosa Secondary School and TDSO inked

Preah Enkosa Secondary School (Siem Reap, Cambodia) and TDSO signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which both parties commit to promoting the advancement of international understanding, academic excellence, dissemination of learning and strengthening cross-cultural ties. Based on the principles of mutual benefit and respect for each other’s independence, the two institutions will foster academic student exchange; mobility of academic, research and support staff; knowledge sharing and bench-marking on an institution-wide level (incl. management & strategy); project-based collaborative activities; organization of joint events, conferences, seminars, symposiums and talks and research collaboration.

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