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Teacher's lounge

Welcome to our virtual teachers’ lounge – your hub of invaluable resources and tools meticulously curated to enhance your teaching prowess and pedagogical effectiveness. Within this digital haven, you will discover an array of indispensable assets designed to elevate your teaching journey to unprecedented heights. From insightful lesson plans to innovative teaching methodologies, we have meticulously assembled an arsenal of materials that cater to your professional growth and classroom excellence.

Online Resources

Unesco Free Online Course

Dear all, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning, is launching a second online course on family and intergenerational literacy and learning (FILL). It is a self-directed, self-paced online course on training facilitators of FILL programmes. It is designed for education professionals working in the area of early childhood care and education, school education and adult education. Facilitators of literacy and education programmes for adults and children are strongly

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Background Information

Team-teaching: a benefit for all

 For 15 weeks, 9 students from various Universities in Europe have worked as team-teachers with our local team. Very simply stated: Team Teaching is implemented when teachers work as a healthy team together to support student learning and success. It is not equal workloads, nor specific roles. It is about collaboration, shared ideas, maximizing each individual’s strengths—from the teachers’ strengths to the students’ strengths—and supporting each other with whatever it takes to create a successfully

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DEAR: “Drop Everything And Read”

Students in Cambodia hardly read. For most, the textbooks used at school are the only books they will ever pick up. Findings from PISA for Development show that no more than 28.1% of the total population of 15-year-olds are enrolled in secondary education (The remaining Cambodian youth have dropped out of school) And in this group,  only 8% achieves a minimum proficiency level (level 2) or higher in reading. Only this tiny percentage of students

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Teachers preparing flipped classroom

What is a ‘Flipped Classroom’?

The main idea in a “flipped” classroom is to reverse individual space and group space in the learning process. This means that students first encounter new material on their own and then focus on higher levels of learning like application and analysis in class, where they have the support of the instructor and their peers. The Flipped Learning Network’s definition captures the conceptual framework underlying a flipped classroom: Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in

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