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The role of partners in underprivileged countries

Western organizations in underprivileged countries should prioritize supporting and empowering communities, rather than pushing their agendas onto them. They should prioritize empowering communities and individuals to take responsibility for emancipation. This means fostering an environment of autonomy and agency for local communities to make decisions that affect their lives. Western organizations can provide support and resources, but the ultimate goal is to enable the community to drive the emancipation process.

Unfortunately, we remain very dependent on support from outside Cambodia. The local communities don’t have the financial strength to support these projects.

Please feel free to contact us to explore paths forward to cooperation.

Adopt a Teacher

The Teacher Development and Support Organization (TDSO) is driving a transformative education movement in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

TDSO’s mission is to bridge the gap between public and private education by offering Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for English and STEM educators. It addresses the educational disparities by empowering public school teachers and enhancing classroom strategies through workshops and tailored seminars.

By partnering with local and international collaborators, TDSO envisions an equitable education landscape where every child benefits from well-trained teachers. Their approach cultivates an ethos of inclusion, fostering empowered educators and enlightened minds.

TDSO’s impact extends beyond classrooms, holding the potential to reshape Cambodia’s educational paradigm, creating a united nation under the banner of quality education for all.

We invite you to support our ‘Adopt a Teacher’ campaign, enabling individuals to fund a year-long comprehensive training for a primary school teacher, fostering direct impact and witnessing transformative progress while also enjoying tax relief benefits.

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Account nr: 001 268 239

Beneficiary Name: Teacher Development Support Organization
Beneficiary Address: Treang, Sla Kram, Siem Reap
Beneficiary Bank: Advanced Bank of Asia
Beneficiary Bank Address: 148, Preah Sihanoul Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Information for International Trainees

We warmly welcome international trainees who have a passion for teaching to join us for an enriching internship experience. Our organization extends an open invitation to teachers from around the world who are eager to learn and grow in a diverse and supportive environment. Whether you aspire to broaden your cultural horizons, exchange teaching methodologies, or collaborate with our experienced staff, we encourage you to embark on this rewarding journey with us.