This page was last updated on August 20, 2023

Teachers preparing flipped classroom

Supporting Transformative Change: Join Our ‘Adopt a Teacher’ Campaign

At the heart of our mission to revolutionize education and promote inclusivity, the Teacher Development and Support Organization (TDSO) is thrilled to introduce our ‘Adopt a Teacher’ campaign. This initiative offers individuals a unique opportunity to make a direct and lasting impact on the future of education in Cambodia.

We believe that change begins with investing in teachers—the champions of knowledge and empowerment. Through our ‘Adopt a Teacher’ campaign, you can play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of a primary school teacher’s career. Your support will fund a comprehensive training program spanning two semesters, equipping educators with the skills, tools, and confidence to provide top-notch education to their students.

When you ‘Adopt a Teacher,’ you provide more than just financial assistance. Your contribution covers not only high-quality training but also personal coaching within the teacher’s workplace. To facilitate their growth, we provide each teacher with a laptop and a modest allowance to address the indirect costs associated with the training program. This holistic approach ensures that every teacher is fully equipped to inspire, guide, and nurture their students effectively.

What’s more, as a sponsor, you’ll have the unique opportunity for direct contact with the teacher you support. This personal connection allows you to witness firsthand the progress and transformation that your support enables. It’s a journey of empowerment, growth, and shared achievement.

We are pleased to inform you that support(*) to our ‘Adopt a Teacher’ campaign are eligible for tax relief in various countries, enhancing the impact of your contribution. Your involvement in this campaign not only changes individual lives but also has far-reaching effects on communities and the nation as a whole.

(*)  : The cost of a full-year training of a primary school teacher is around 750.- USD (680.- Eur). That includes training, coaching, school materials, a laptop, and an allowance to cover the indirect costs of participating in the program.