Observing Effective Teaching Practices of EPST2 Trainees

It was a great privilege to be invited to the monthly cluster school meetings at Bakong and Wat Roka primary schools in Prasat Bakong District. The meeting aimed at identifying strengths and room for improvement in instructional practices (through a mock teaching performance across different subjects).

The TDSO team had a chance to observe two trainees from cohort 2 of our English for Public School Teachers (EPST2), namely Mr. Voeun Chea and Mrs. Choeum Ravy.

We were thrilled to see the great attempts or efforts of the two teachers to implement what has been trained, basically Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), with the use of games, inquiry-based learning, and the ESA model. The teaching scenarios and the remarks were, to a large extent, inspiring to the stakeholders, particularly school principals and non-EPST teachers.

We do appreciate the care of the individual stakeholders for quality education in their community. We can’t thank the chief of the Prasat Bakong District Office of Education enough for involving us in such a valuable event. We are always ready for further cooperation.

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