Instructional Leadership

Workshop for Headmasters,  Teacher Coaches and/or NGO leaders   To be successful as a school or language course, you need more than good teachers or a good curriculum. It is an entire framework that ties together. This course, designed for instructional leaders, seeks to answer questions to the following questions: 1) why instructional leadership counts, …

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A bicycle changes a life!

From January till mid-May, a group of Belgian trainees were active as team teachers at TDSO. During their stay, they bought a simple bicycle for daily use. Once their internship terminated, they decided to donate these bicycles to students of a secondary school in Puok. For these students, having a bike or not means being …

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No-one is left behind!

While hearing impairments are often identified in babies, they may not develop or make themselves known for several years. This means that it’s essential to keep an eye out for the signs of hearing impairment in the classroom, particularly in young children. At some point in their career, every teacher could find that they are …

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Partnership agreement Educaid-TDSO

On 31/03/2022 Educaid and TDSO signed a partnership agreement for the period 2022-2026. The agreement covers logsital synergies, operational synergies and active exchange of information. Educaid is the Belgian platform for education and training within development cooperation